27.02.16 - 05.06.16
LaM - Musée d'art moderne Lille Métropole

In collaboration with the Réunion des musées nationaux, the LaM presented in spring 2016 an exceptional retrospective dedicated to the work of Amedeo Modigliani.
Italian painter and sculptor, Modigliani had a brief but fertile career. The museum showed from its stock the most amazing public collection of the famous french artist of Montparnasse : 6 paintings, 8 drawings and a rare marble sculpture were put together by Roger Dutilleul and Jean Masurel, founders of the modern collection of the LaM. As a passionate collector Roger Dutilleul crossed Modigliani's path in 1918, less than two years before the prematured death of the artist. In tribute to there meeting the LaM orchestrates an exhibition-event that gathers the works of its exceptional collection along with many unseen loans.

Curators : Sophie Levy, Jeanne-Bathilde Lacourt, Marie-Amélie Senot
Scenography : Atelier Maciej Fiszer
Lighting : LaM
Graphic Design : Philippe Delforge
Contractor : LaM (Musée d'art moderne Lille Métropole)
Surface area : 870 m²

Photo Credits : Nicolas Dewitte