The Atelier Maciej Fiszer mainly designs temporary exhibition designs and museographical projects. The studio’s practice area however also opens up to theatre set designs and artistic performances in public spaces. The studio works with the greatest French museums and widens up more and more to international ones.

The starting point of a monographic exhibition as well as a museography or an artistic intervention is a narration. This narration has a purpose : being shared with the public. The synopsis of the contractor, the artist or the amateur unables the project manager to build little by little a museographical space dedicated to the project’s stakes. The approach of the studio is thus to create spaces who serve this narration or reflexion which is never fixed: we find solutions in an innovative way, for the visitor’s experience as well as for the reading of the works or the statement. A project is never formally thought beforehand in his spatial resolution, but much more in a global reflexion on the setting of the path.

Is a good setting an invisible setting? The success of a setting or a museography is linked to its perfect integration and coherence with the space of the museum.

The studio’s visual sensibility was initiated by Maciej Fiszer through his multidisciplinary experience linked to performing and visual arts and his 8 years’ experience as museograph at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. His education in naval architecture and at the School of Fine Arts of Warsaw was complementary.  Maciej Fiszer thus developed an artistic identity that serves the specificity of each project.