25.10.16 - 26.02.17
Musée des arts et métiers, Paris

The Musée des arts et métiers of Paris presents « Drawing machines », a unique exhibition fruit of the collaboration between François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters, authors of the Cités obscures and of Revoir Paris. Drawing is central in the exhibition and is revealed as an activity both technical and poetic, between precision and imagination.

The exhibition highlights the confrontation between scientific and technical collections of the Musée des arts et métiers and a large selection of graphic works : Drawing machines invites the visitor to discover the personal imagination of each of the two authors. As a source of inspiration and amazement, the objects and documents chosen in the museum's stores are the machienery of a dream's vertiginous engineering.

With projections, soundscapes and lightings, the visitor enters François Schuiten's studio and has the possibility to draw with him, draging him in his vision of the world, between realism and oneirism. Rather the public likes cartoons or is a novice, rather he is a confirmed drawer or an amateur, rather he is old or young, « Drawing machines » is conceived as a machine to free people's imagination.

The exhibition puts the idea of transmission at stake and aims to build a bridge between disciplines (arts, sciences, techniques) and a dialogue between generations. It is conceived as a more sensitive than didactic exhibition, showing machines that no technical historian has ever seen before with an aesthetic filter. A nearly surreal aesthetic, emerging from a city that is no longer obscure.

Curators : François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters
Scenography : François Schuiten and Atelier Maciej Fiszer
Lighting : Sophie Bruère
Graphic Design : Atelier Deltaedre
Contractor : Musée des arts et métiers
Surface area : 500 m²