In situ installation
Shanghai sculpture park, Guilin, China

Maciej Fiszer managed the project for the sculpture program of Yuzi Paradise. Guilin Yuzi Paradise, founded by the Taiwanese entrepreneur Mr. Rhy-Chang Tsao in 1996, is a large-scale international park of land art projects mainly engaged in cavern art and contemporary sculpture. It is located in the unique and unspoiled natural surroundings of Guilin. With the joined efforts of global eminent artists, it is to be built as a living museum and to leave a fine cultural heritage for future generations. It is a world heritage in progress shared and possessed by the world.

12 pieces in bronze, 3 families of 4 pieces
Dimensions : 1.50m x 1.40m x 130m
Production : Yuzi Paradise
Permanent installation of the works in 2004 in the