13.05.15 - 30.08.15
Le BAL, Paris

The construction of visual evidence.

From Alphonse Bertillon, pioneer of the invention of crime scenes' air shots in the 19th century, until the reconstruction of a drone attack by the US army in Pakistan in 2010 by Eyal Weizman and his team, the exhibition offers an « archeological » analysis of the historical and geopolitical context in which the images apparead, as well as their purpose, the way the were produced and the specific framework of their reception.

Curators: Diane Dufour, Luce Lebart, Christian Delage, Eyal Weizman
Scenography: Atelier Maciej Fiszer
Graphic Design: Coline Aguettaz
Lighting: Cyril Delhorme / Le Bal
Contractor: Le Bal
Surface area: 350m²

Crédit photos Atelier Maciej Fiszer