12.04.16 - 17.07.16
Musée Rodin, Paris

In echo to the special place photography held in sculptor Auguste Rodin's work, the Musée Rodin dedicates an exhibition to the artists of the second half of the 20th century who practiced sculpture and photography. In each productions of John Chamberlain, Cy Twombly, Dieter Appelt, Markus Raetz, Mac Adams, Gordon Matta-Clark, Christian Boltanski, Richard Long, Giuseppe Penone, sculpture and photography are intertwined and resonate with each other. The confrontations of the practices hold a double questionning of the real nature of sculpture and photography, and show the difficulty for each medium to be autonomous in an artist's work.

Curators: Michel Frizo & Hélène Pinet
Scenography: Atelier Maciej Fiszer
Graphic Design: Bastien Morin
Lighting: Alexis Coussement ACL
Contractor: Musée Rodin
Surface area: 400m²