15.11.16 - 26.02.17
Institut du monde arabe, Paris

From Sindbad to Marco Polo.

Guided by the legendary sailor Sindbad, al-Idrîsî the geographer, Ibn Battûta the explorer, and many more, take a trip with the Arabs, masters of the seas, and the great european navigators who took their routes, for a fabulous adventurer in the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. From the begining of Islam to the start of the 17th century, a sea adventure to see and to live in an immersive experience mixing sound, images and optical techniques.

Contractor : IMA
Curators : Agnès Carayon, Nala Alouda, Vincent Giovannoni
Scenography : Atelier Maciej Fiszer
Lightings : ACL
Graphic Design : Atelier Bastien Morin
Surface area : 850m²